Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Wood & Steel - Coffee. Furniture. Art


Pic source: Google..sorry lar x sempat nk snap pic kedai kalu dh jmp geng berborak..hihi.

Ok, sapa penah datang sini.?? First time masa tgk kedai nie serius ingat kedai furniture..hahaha. But its not!. It is a cafe! Ok really a cool cafe i tell u :)

COFFEE. FURNITURE. ART is the tagline of this unique cafe. Cafe & Gallery is the concept of this new in town cafe. Located at Kota Damansara it can easily be found. The landmark is Giant Kota Damansara just opposite it or just search for The Strand Shopping Center and u'll find it.

Interior berunsur kan wood & stell. Full of art deco and painting too
 Interior cafe nie sume nyer berunsurkan wood & steel. Sesuai lar dgn namanya kann... And its also full with art deco and painting. Fefeeling cam lepak cafe obersi pon ada gak kadang tue..hahaha.

My favorite..Coffee Latte RM10
 Menu kat sini almost sume is western pepandai lar adjust tekak korang ye..hihi. My favorite is Latte of course lar kan. Then you should try jugak dorang nyer iced mocha & cheese cake. Sedap jugak. For main course i think its a normal portion. Tak kecik tak besar sgt..slow2 mkn sure abis..haha.


Inside layout..pic source: google

Kala malam..

Overall cool lar lepak sini. Kalu korang g weekday petang2 pas blk keje tue, mmg full house gak lar. Terjebak kat sini sbb kan my bff ler nie shasha. Anyhow pun do support this malaysia local brand cafe. Aku boleh cakap it is a nice place to hangout, good service, friendly staff and tasty F&B..dh try gak few of the menu but x amik pulak gambar. Next visit lar i snap pic.

They also cater for private events too at their 1st floor. So sesape yg rasa nk celebrates bday ke anniversary ke gathering etc..bole contact them too.

Owhh..btw did i mentioned who is the owner??Yess!!, its belongs to the famous singer yg awet muda..feewwiitt. Amy Search!!. So kalu korang bernasib baik boleh lar jmp Amy Search kat sini :)

So go try this place..ok!

Cheers (^_^)


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    1. Waalaikumsalam..

      thanks Mijoe :)

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